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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the website of These terms and conditions regulate the use and access to Realty Indonesia platform and service. By accessing and/or using Realty Indonesia services, you will agree to and be bound to these terms and conditions. If you do not approve our terms and conditions, we suggest you to stop accessing our site.

The use of the term of “you” refers to users and visitors of Realty Indonesia’s website.

A violation on these terms and conditions is a violation under the laws of Indonesia and/or prevailing Laws and regulations.

Realty Indonesia guarantees the accuracy, completeness, and compatibility of information provided in our site. However, if there are any errors or incompatible information found in a certain condition, it is beyond the responsibility of Realty Indonesia. The use of information or materials in this website will be at the full risk and responsibility of users.

Disputes will be settled amicably in good faith.

The use of Realty Indonesia brand, copy or use of information contained in Realty Indonesia’s site illegally and/or without a permit and/or authorization from Realty Indonesia, or abuse of all visits and interactions in and with this website, which causes either material or non-material loss or damage, will be followed-up in accordance with the Indonesian laws and/or prevailing Laws and regulations.